Mobile Scanning and More | What Truck Drivers are Giving Thanks for this Year

Giving thanks, whether privately or publicly, is an affirmation that seems to make the good things in life even better. That’s why drivers are giving thanks this year for things such as mobile scanning, increased pay, and technology that makes staying connected while on the road easier. If you’re not sure what to give thanks for this year, consider the following items that lift truck drivers’ spirits every day.TripPak-Scanner

Mobile Scanning Solutions

TripPak IN-CAB™ and TripPak MOBILE™ scanning solutions are designed specifically to make submitting trip documents easier and less time-consuming than ever. Drivers who use these solutions are grateful for fewer out-of-route miles, increased cash flow, and the ability to transmit paperwork right from the cab of the truck.

TripPak IN-CAB utilizes a portable scanner and software installed on a laptop or netbook to capture high-quality images and enables the driver to send them off immediately after making a delivery. Fleet managers are grateful for mobile scanning technology as well, since it helps ensure a crisp, clear image every time.

TripPak MOBILE scanning takes this technology one step further by utilizing an app installed on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Simply by taking a picture of the document, a driver can submit documents, digitally store and organize paperwork, and get paid faster just by using a mobile device.

Increased Driver Pay

Mobile scanning makes it possible for drivers to get paid faster, and driver pay is also going up. Top carriers today are improving pay to attract talented drivers. That’s something every driver is thankful for, since the ability to earn more money in the same amount of time makes the work that much more rewarding.

Social Media and Skype

Staying connected while on the road is easier today than ever. All a driver needs is a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device to stay connected with friends and family at home. With features such as FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts, drivers can enjoy important highlights at home, even when they’re hundreds of miles from home. The technology that keeps a driver connected with the family is certainly something to be thankful for.

For more information about technology that makes truck drivers thankful today, including ­mobile scanning solutions, please visit the TripPak website.

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