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TripPak MOBILE is an advanced service that allows drivers to scan trip documents from anywhere using a mobile device. TripPak is pleased to announce the release of TripPak MOBILE 6.0, an upgrade to the company’s mobile scanning solution. If you have used TripPak MOBILE in the past or are interested in using it soon, become familiar with the application along with details of the new upgrade.



TripPak MOBILE Application

This mobile solution allows you to use your mobile device (including any smart phone or tablet on Google or Android platforms) to update trip statuses, confirm pick-ups and deliveries with the signature capture feature, and scan trip documents for easy, convenient submission. Using TripPak MOBILE allows carriers to invoice customers just minutes after delivery, increasing cash flow and helping drivers get paid faster.

TripPak MOBILE Updates

The newly released 6.0 version provides additional resources to ensure image quality when you submit documents to your carrier:

  • Auto corner detection launches automatically when drivers capture an image. This feature gives drivers the opportunity to crop images before submitting them.
  • The de-skewing feature corrects the appearance of documents captured at an angle. This allows for the best quality images despite less-than-ideal photographing environments.
  • Image rotation is available in the “review” step. At the bottom of the screen, a rotate icon allows drivers to turn the image so it’s at the right angle for easy viewing by the carrier.
  • The document scoring management tool provides immediate feedback to let drivers know the overall image quality. If the image isn’t up to par with what the carrier requires for quality submissions, drivers can recapture the image before sending the final submission.

For more information about TripPak MOBILE 6.0, be sure to keep up with all the future blog posts offered by TripPak SERVICES®. Then, find out what truckers are asking on Facebook and see what topics are hot right now on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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