Is the TripPak Scanner Right for You?

With multiple scanning options available for truck drivers today, how do you know if the TripPak Model 467 in-cab scanner is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide.

Do you have a laptop or netbook? 

TripPak Scanner

TripPak highlights the benefits of owning a TripPak scanner.

The TripPak scanner works in conjunction with laptops and netbooks, scanning images directly to the computer for you to review before sending the images on to your carrier. If you own a laptop or netbook, you’re already halfway there. To start utilizing the convenience of in-cab scanning, all you need is the cost-effective scanner from TripPak.

Do you want to get paid faster?

When compared to other scanning or shipping methods, the TripPak scanner offers incredible speed for submitting documents. Consider that with the ability to scan documents just minutes following a delivery, the carrier gets your information sooner and can bill the customer faster. Rapid scanning and invoicing means reduced DSO and quicker pay for you. Who doesn’t want that benefit?

Are you tired of waiting in line at the truck stop to scan?

You’ve already driven several miles off your route, and now you have to stand in line and wait your turn to use the scanner. When you have the TripPak scanner in your cab, you can forget about the out-of-route miles and waiting at the truck stop.

Do you want 100 percent technical support for your devices?

Don’t let the idea of learning a new device turn you off from using the TripPak scanner. It’s already so easy to use, but if you have any questions, technical support is available to answer all your pressing questions.

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