Scanning Locations Nationwide: Locations with the Best Amenities

As a truck driver, you know that the quicker you can turn in your paperwork, the sooner you get paid. Therefore, the best scanning locations are those that get you in and out and on your way in the least amount of time. Here’s a look at the top scanning locations nationwide that you can use to scan and transmit documents quickly and efficiently.

At a TA or Petro Truck Stop with TripPak TRUCK STOP SCANNING 

scanning-locationsMore than 525 nationwide locations provide truck stop scanning services, which enable you to scan everything you need in mere minutes. This option beats faxing paperwork because it can be done at a fraction of the cost, delivers pristine images, gives you the flexibility of emailing images, and expedites your paycheck.

In Your Cab with TripPak IN-CAB

Reducing out-of-route miles saves you both time and money when you take advantage of scanning locations located right in your truck. A small scanner in the cab and software installed on your laptop or netbook enables you to capture quality images and submit your documents effortlessly without driving even one mile off your route.

Anywhere with TripPak MOBILE

This is the fastest scanning option available! If you have an iPhone or Android, you can capture document images and send them to the specific fleet department simply by using this smartphone app. There are no hardware requirements, and TripPak MOBILE offers a 100% image guarantee. This means if your fleet isn’t entirely satisfied with the images they receive from a TripPak MOBILE scan, the transaction fee is waived. This provides the peace of mind you need, along with the excellent convenience and affordability of TripPak MOBILE smartphone scanning.

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