Christmas Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

This is the time of year when everyone tries to think of meaningful presents to give their loved ones. No one wants to give a gift that gets shoved to the back of the closet and forgotten about. Here are six gift ideas for truck drivers that they will certainly be happy to receive this year.

Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Bluetooth Headset
No matter what brand you choose—Cobra, Motorola, and Blue Parrot are a few of the more popular brands—these are great gift ideas for truck drivers because these devices enable truck drivers to chat with friends and family during long hours on the road—without taking their hands off the steering wheel. The hands-free quality of Bluetooth headsets makes chatting while driving safer.

Portable Heater
Truck drivers often sleep in their cabs, and a portable heater is perfect for staying warm in the cab of a truck this winter without having to run the engine. The gift also helps drivers avoid fuel loss that occurs when they leave the engine running.

Seat Cushion
Truck drivers spend their days sitting behind the wheel. Your loved one will appreciate a way to keep their back from hurting after 8 to 10 hours of driving, thanks to a seat cushion. There are different styles and models from which to choose, so you can find the perfect Christmas gift for the truck driver in your life.

12 Volt Cooker
Eating on the road can get expensive very quickly. With a cooker in the cab, a truck driver can reheat leftover food from home and enjoy a hot meal without paying high prices for meals at restaurants or truck stops.

Locking Fuel Cap
While it’s unfortunate that this world is one where truck drivers need to worry about their fuel being stolen, a locking fuel cap is a present that puts your loved one’s mind at ease the next time he or she leaves their truck unwatched.

TripPak IN-CAB ™
Maybe the only thing your truck driver wants this Christmas is a faster paycheck and fewer inconvenient out-of-route miles. TripPak IN-CAB ™ delivers a solution that gets drivers paid faster because they can scan their trip documents directly from the cab of their truck. They don’t waste time and money on out-of-route miles, which is the kind of convenience you want your Christmas gift to deliver.

To learn more about TripPak IN-CAB ™ and other scanning solutions, be sure to connect with TripPak on LinkedIn. Then, find what truckers are asking on Facebook and see what topics are hot right now on Twitter.

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