Top Six Gadgets Every Truck Driver Needs

As a truck driver, you rely on technology from the newest gadgets to make your job easier. If you’re looking for something to add to your wish list this year, consider the benefits of Mobile Technology 300x300 Top Six Gadgets Every Truck Driver Needsthese six gadgets.

Bluetooth-Enabled CB Radio

If you thought CB radios were outdated technology, think again. The 29 LTD LX BT is the first-ever Bluetooth-enabled CB radio. It provides another way for you to communicate safely and easily with other professionals on the road.

Unique features help you get the most from this CB radio, including a noise-canceling microphone to ensure your calls come in loud and clear, even over a rumbling engine. Incoming audio is transmitted through the truck’s radio speakers so you can clearly hear the caller ID. It’s a must-have gadget for every self-respecting truck driver.

Energi+ Backpack

With a spacious main compartment and 12 other pockets, the Energi+ Backpack is perfect for people on the go. You can even charge your gadgets with the included rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. This provides up to four smartphone charges or one tablet charge to keep you connected on the road. As the ultimate traveler, you could certainly benefit from having this briefcase/backpack/charging station on hand.

Durable Laptop Computer

A laptop ensures you stay connected with friends and family back home while on the road. However, you need something durable that can withstand more than your average working conditions. That’s what makes the GammaTech DURABOOK R8300 laptop such a good choice for truck drivers.

It’s built to withstand harsh conditions and has the rugged certifications to prove it. Still, you get plenty of user-friendly features, such as a bright 13.3-inch LCD display, quick-release HDD-storage capability, Wi-Fi, SIM card slot, GPS module and more.

Compact Cooler

You don’t have limitless space in your cab, which is what makes the Koolatron P20 Compact 12V cooler such a good gadget for truck drivers. It’s not just an ordinary cooler, either. 12-volt power works to keep your food cool or warm. A quiet motor circulates the air within the cooler for consistent cooling or heating. The cooler is compact but still large enough to hold 18 quarts, equivalent to 23 soda cans.

TRANSFLO Mobile+ App

At the end of the day, you want to expedite your paperwork and get on your way. The TRANSFLO Mobile+ App from Pegasus TransTech allows just that. Use this one-stop solution to scan documents, receive load tendering information, submit accident reports, communicate with your carrier and much more. It’s a mobile app no truck driver should be without!

To learn more about TRANSFLO Mobile+ and other services from Pegasus TransTech, please visit our website. Then find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay informed about the latest innovations in the trucking industry.

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TRANSFLO Docu-Type | Hands-Free Document Processing and Billing

If you’re not using TRANSFLO Docu-Type by Pegasus TransTech, it’s time you learned about this automated document classification and indexing system. It’s the most accurateTRANSFLO Docu Type web 300x45 TRANSFLO Docu Type | Hands Free Document Processing and Billing of its kind in the industry and is used to speed up processing and billing for carriers and freight brokers. Here’s a look at how TRANSFLO Docu-Type makes your life easier.

  • It speeds up the billing process: After a truck driver or carrier scans documents via their chosen entry method, the documents immediately pass through a Pegasus TransTech data center. The documents are identified automatically and delivered to you with all the data you need to auto process the paperwork and bill your clients faster.
  • It reduces unbilled revenue: Incorrect doc types are largely to blame for this mistake. Since TRANSFLO Docu-Type automatically identifies doc types by proprietary business rules and keyword patterns, you don’t have to worry about unbilled revenue slipping through the cracks.
  • It reduces human error: No-touch automation sends documents through the system with less intervention on your part. This ensures fewer mistakes caused by rushed work or distraction.
  • It integrates into your existing TMS: Everything ties together thanks to TRANSFLO Docu-Type’s integration capabilities.
  • It improves customer service: No one likes to wait longer than necessary. Faster processing times made possible by this document classification and indexing service increase customer satisfaction among your customers and allow you to provide better service.
  • You enjoy a highly accurate read rate: Instead of manually working everything, TRANSFLO Docu-Type has such an accurate read rate that you only need to work the few exceptions that arrive through the system.

If you’re ready to save yourself time, money and headaches, it’s time to sign up for the TRANSFLO Docu-Type document classification and indexing system. To learn more, please visit our website. Then find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay informed about the latest innovations in the trucking industry.

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Making Holiday Memories

Enjoying family time during the holiday season when you’re gone for weeks at a time, as an over-the-road truck driver can be difficult. The fact is the economy never stops, not even on holidays and weekends. As a driver, you must be willing to take on these shutterstock 115747795 300x200 Making Holiday Memoriesresponsibilities. Here at Pegasus TransTech, we want to make the task easier with these tips for making holiday memories as a truck driver.

Enjoy Quality Home Time during the Holidays

Hopefully, you can enjoy some time off during the holidays. While you’re at home in person with your family, make the most of your time together. Do things you can’t do over video chat, such as playing catch with your grandkids or having a family movie night. Whatever you do, leave your work behind and give your family your full attention.

Stay Connected While Away

Even if you’re on the road during the holidays, you can still share special memories with your family, all thanks to technology. If you don’t already have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, now would be a great time to invest in one. That way, when the holidays arrive, you’ll have the gadget you need to video chat with your partner, kids and grandkids at home.

For example, you might arrange ahead of time with your spouse to video chat during Thanksgiving dinner, on Christmas morning when everyone gathers around the tree to open presents or when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Two-way video ensures you don’t miss a thing during the memorable holiday season.

Thank you, drivers, for your time and dedication, even on holidays. We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.

For more truck driving tips from Pegasus TransTech, please visit our website. Then find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay informed about the latest innovations in the trucking industry.

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Big, Burly, Tenderhearted Truck Drivers

Truck drivers do great things on a daily basis that most people never hear about. On the outside, many truckers may be big and burly, but any truck driver who listens toTeddy trucking industry changes 300x194 Big, Burly, Tenderhearted Truck DriversBear” by Red Sovine is obviously tenderhearted. Today, many programs are in place that cater to truckers who aren’t afraid to show their softer side.

Trucker Buddy

In 1992, a professional truck driver named Gary King sought permission from an elementary school in Wisconsin to become pen pals with students. A fourth grade teacher quickly got on board, and the correspondence began. As other drivers saw King composing his postcards and short letters – in which he answered the students’ questions and detailed the sights he saw – they wanted to get involved too.

That’s how Trucker Buddy formally began in 1993. Today, the program has over 2,500 driver-teacher matches and 60,000 student pen pals. Trucker Buddy enriches the lives of school children and drivers alike, establishing relationships that often stand the test of time.

God’s Connection Transition

A Waste Management truck driver named Arnold Harvey noticed families sleeping on the streets near a shelter in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Instead of ignoring them, he looked into providing coats, blankets and food for these people. His efforts led to the founding of God’s Connection Transition, a nonprofit that provides donated food to 5,000 families per month.

Trucks for Change Network

Truck drivers and carriers across Canada can become members of the Trucks for Change Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities it serves. The network makes it easy and cost-effective for carriers to help local charities. It posts service requests from charities online where members can offer to donate or request a rate for providing the services. The partnership fosters cost savings and convenience for charities, while giving trucking companies an avenue for making a difference in their community.

Operation Roger … Truckers Pet Transport

A rag-tag team of about 30 pet-loving truck drivers volunteers their cabs to transport rescued pets to their final destinations in an initiative called Operation Roger … Truckers Pet Transport. When the organization receives a request for a pet transport, they do everything possible to match the pet’s starting and ending destinations with a driver traveling along a similar route. Operation Roger is run purely by volunteer staff; the more drivers who join the project, the more successful it will become.

Big Iron Classic

The purpose of this “working class” truck show is to show off big rigs, review new trucking technology, enjoy the truck pull and collect toys for charity. The Big Iron Classic is held the first weekend after Labor Day and attracts thousands of truck drivers and truck lovers who also want to give to a good cause.

You know, those big, burly truck drivers have a soft spot in their hearts for those in need, and their generosity shows every day.

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TRANSFLO Mobile+ The Scanning Solution For Your Fleet

For a one-stop mobile app capable of simplifying processes, speeding cash flow and optimizing communications, carriers and drivers should look no further than TRANSFLO PTT TRANSFLO Mobile 300x237 TRANSFLO Mobile+ The Scanning Solution For Your FleetMobile+. This multi-functional Android and iPhone document scanning app is easy to use and has a wide variety of functions.

Capabilities of TRANSFLO Mobile+

With this valuable app, drivers can:

  • Review, accept or decline loads.
  • Confirm pick-up and delivery.
  • Scan and submit documents.
  • Report accident information.
  • Communicate with the fleet using two-way messaging.
  • Receive settlements alerts for instant access to payment information.

Carriers can use the mobile app to:

  • Enable load tendering, so drivers can see what loads are available.
  • Send and receive delivery documents with same-day access to submitted paperwork.
  • Communicate with drivers using two-way messaging.
  • Customize the user interface to include the carrier logo, specify indexing and document type preferences, and choose applications they want the drivers to use.
  • Integrate with the fleet management system to echo messages to drivers’ mobile devices.

Benefits of TRANSFLO Mobile+

The many capabilities of TRANSFLO Mobile+ provide the following benefits:

  • Drivers get all the information they need when and where they need it.
  • Drivers get paid faster thanks to speedy document delivery.
  • Carriers simplify processes to improve efficiency.
  • All users save time with instant access to important information and the ability to submit paperwork and report claims with ease.
  • Everyone communicates more effectively with two-way messaging built right into the app.
  • Drivers stay safe with in-motion restrictions that prevent users from completing any tasks while driving.

Using TRANSFLO Mobile+

It’s easy to get started with TRANSFLO Mobile+:

  • Download the free app from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Register with a fleet ID or broker ID.
  • Customize and explore the app. Change settings, interact with the icons at the top of the screen, and select different tasks from the main menu.

For more information about TRANSFLO Mobile+ and other solutions from Pegasus TransTech, please watch this product demo video. Then, visit our website and find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay informed about the latest trucking industry innovations.

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Is Your Fleet Equipped with the Best Document Management Solutions?

As an industry leader offering some of transflo dms lr logo 300x36 Is Your Fleet Equipped with the Best Document Management Solutions?the best document management solutions out there, Pegasus TransTech is proud to introduce you to TRANSFLO DMS. This scalable, cloud-based document management solution helps companies of all sizes speed up cash flow, save time and improve operational efficiency. Take a look at some of the great features available from TRANSFLO DMS.

The Best Document Management Solutions are Flexible and Scalable

  • It’s easy to add and remove TRANSFLO DMS users. The document management solution shrinks with your company if you have to make cutbacks and grows with you as business takes off. In this way, you only pay for what you need, making TRANSFLO DMS an affordable solution no matter how large or small your company is.
  • Low-cost add-ons allow you to boost productivity in the areas where you need it most. You might add:
    • Index automation to give your office employees more time on other important tasks.
    • Index validation to help prevent duplicate or inaccurate content from slowing you down.
    • TRANSFLO Workflow to automate accounts payable and receivable, vehicle maintenance, recruiting and more.

The Best Document Management Solutions are Cloud-Based

  • With the best document management solutions offered in the cloud, all you need is an Internet connection and a computer. There’s no need to install software or host a server on the premises.
  • Your existing in-house software remains valid. TRANSFLO DMS integrates seamlessly with most third-party software, including maintenance management programs, accounting applications, dispatching systems and mobile communication devices.
  • If you’re interested in TRANSFLO Express Truck Stop Scanning or TRANSFLO Mobile+, TRANSFLO DMS allows for seamless integration with these solutions.

To learn more about the features and functionality of this document management solution, please register to listen to a free pre-recorded TRANSFLO DMS webinar where a TRANSFLO expert reviews answers to some of your most pressing questions.

Pegasus TransTech offers the best document management solutions for carriers of all sizes. For more information, please visit our website. Then, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to join the conversation.

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TRANSFLO $Velocity: Carriers and Brokers Get Paid Faster

Pegasus TransTech provides a unique solution called TRANSFLO $Velocity. This solution allows offers brokers an easy, consistent method of receiving and processing invoices and TransfloVelocity button transparent TRANSFLO $Velocity: Carriers and Brokers Get Paid Fasterload documents from carriers. Plus, it’s free to download and easy to use. So, what are the benefits of TRANSFLO $Velocity, and how does it work?

Benefits of TRANSFLO $Velocity

This preferred delivery method makes life easier for carriers and brokers:

  • Brokers gain efficiency because TRANSFLO $Velocity from Pegasus TransTech provides a consistent method of receiving and processing invoices and load documents from carriers. The solution significantly decreases the time and money spent on manual processing and provides the fastest way for brokers to receive the paperwork needed to bill shippers.
  • The easy-to-use software is ready for use immediately after completing the free download. It’s easy to do business with TRANSFLO $Velocity.
  • Errors are greatly reduced since the rate confirmation sheet, invoice and bills of lading can be electronically submitted together to the broker.
  • Faster billing through end-to-end automation.

How TRANSFLO $Velocity Works

It’s easy for carriers to electronically transmit indexed documents and related data to the broker using TRANSFLO $Velocity. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Here’s how it works:

  • Find and download TRANSFLO $Velocity from the Pegasus TransTech website.
  • Before the download begins, carriers fill out the user registration form. All they need is a broker ID, which the broker or Pegasus TransTech will provide, and basic information about their own company.
  • Scan transmittable documents into TRANSFLO $Velocity using any TWAIN-compatible scanner or import existing electronic documents already on your computer. Transmittable data include the rate confirmation sheet and number; PODs and BOL number; and carrier invoice and invoice number.
  • Users can manually darken, lighten and rotate documents within the program to ensure the highest quality image possible.
  • When ready, the user submits the documents to the broker using on-screen guidance. Once the documents are submitted, the user receives a confirmation email guaranteeing the delivery.
  • Submitted documents are available to view online for 14 days following submission.

For more information about TRANSFLO $Velocity and other solutions from Pegasus TransTech, please visit our website. Then, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay informed about the latest trucking industry innovations.

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Visit Pegasus TransTech at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition

The American Trucking Association (ATA) is the largest national trade association for thepegasus transtech ATA1 edit 300x300 Visit Pegasus TransTech at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition trucking industry. This year, the 2014 ATA Management Conference and Exhibition is October 4-7 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

If you plan to attend the conference, you can expect endless networking opportunities. Attendees are professionals aligned with the trucking industry – including fleet owners, trucking industry suppliers and trucking company management. Whether you’re looking to expand your horizons in the transportation industry or to learn about the latest solutions for your fleet, the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition is an event not to be missed!

Changes in the trucking industry will be heavily discussed at the conference. Attendees can offer their insights and join discussions about the following industry issues:

  • How will energy production impact your fleet in the coming years?
  • Which potential new markets will the resurgence in US manufacturing create for trucking companies?
  • Is it time to reexamine your fleet’s driver compensation practices?
  • How can new recruitment practices increase driver satisfaction and reduce turnover?
  • How will upcoming EOBR mandates affect your trucking company?
  • Is there a light at the end of the road-congestion tunnel?
  • Is your fleet a target for insider fraud from scam artists and swindlers?
  • How is new trucking technology affecting your fleet, your employees and your customers?

Pegasus TransTech is excited to be an exhibitor at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition this year! Be sure to check out some of the latest solutions in the trucking industry by visiting Pegasus TransTech at Booth #721. There, you’ll have the chance to learn more about the following solutions:

  • TRANSFLO Mobile+: This multi-functional app for carriers, brokers and drivers lets you do everything from submit and receive paperwork to accept new deliveries and submit claims.
  • TRANSFLO Docu-Type: This cost-effective, no-touch, automated document classification service speeds up processing and billing for carriers and freight brokers.
  • TRANSFLO OnDemand: There’s no faster way to digitally transmit documents between carriers, brokers, drivers and third parties than with this solution from Pegasus TransTech.
  • ACS Advertising: If you want a better way to search for, attract, hire and retain the industry’s best truck drivers, this is the advertising solution your fleet needs.

For more information about what Pegasus TransTech will be sharing with attendees at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition, please visit our website. Then find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay informed about the latest innovations in the trucking industry.

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TRANSFLO Express Delivers No-Hassle Truck Stop Scanning

If you’re tired of submitting trip documents via slow and expensive snail mail, rest assured there’s a better way. Among the various document scanning options available from product transfloExpress TRANSFLO Express Delivers No Hassle Truck Stop ScanningPegasus TransTech, you can choose TRANSFLO Express for no-hassle truck stop scanning.

TRANSFLO Express is the largest truck stop scanning network in the country. It’s easy to use and offers several benefits for both carriers and truck drivers who use the service.

How TRANSFLO Express Works

The process of scanning your documents takes less than a minute. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit one of more than 1,000 participating truck stops nationwide (Pilot, Flying J, Love’s and others).
  • Hand your trip documents to the trained cashier.
  • Wait a minute while the cashier scans the documents for you.
  • Take the confirmation receipt and original trip documents from the cashier.
  • Get on with your day as the scanned paperwork is digitally transmitted to the Pegasus TransTech redundant data centers and on to your carrier.

Features and Benefits for Carriers

When you choose TRANSFLO Express over snail mail document delivery, carriers enjoy the following:

  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Same-day access to trip documents with delivery to an email address, network printer, FTP directory or imaging system
  • Faster billing, settlement and payroll
  • Ability to pay drivers faster, increasing driver satisfaction and retention

Features and Benefits for Truck Drivers

Drivers also enjoy a number of benefits from TRANSFLO Express, including:

  • Faster pay
  • Less time and money spent submitting documents
  • Convenient document submission locations available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Ability to keep original documents and confirmation receipt for your records

To learn more about TRANSFLO Express, please visit the Pegasus TransTech website. Then, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to join the conversation.

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TRANSFLO Mobile+ Contest – Win a $100 Gift Card

PTT TRANSFLO Mobile 300x237 TRANSFLO Mobile+ Contest   Win a $100 Gift Card­TRANSFLO Mobile+ is a unique smartphone app for motor carriers, brokers and drivers. It simplifies back office processes, speeds cash flow, optimizes communication and so much more. As if these weren’t reason enough to download the ­TRANSFLO Mobile+ app, Pegasus TransTech is giving you another reason:

Every driver who downloads ­TRANSFLO Mobile+ by October 31, 2014 will be entered into a drawing to receive a $100 Visa gift card. One hundred lucky winners will be drawn at random and announced on November 1, 2014.

The contest has been announced in honor of Driver Appreciation Week (September 14-20).

Just what does the “plus” in ­TRANSFLO Mobile+ mean? Just like the standard TRANSFLO Mobile app, the “plus” version allows drivers to submit trip documents from anywhere using a mobile device. “I like having the ability to scan my trip at ‘zero hour’ when I can’t get to a truck stop to scan,” says Rick Hays, a truck driver and TRANSFLO Mobile+ user.

In addition to the app’s document submission capabilities, drivers can also enjoy the following if their carriers sign up for all the services:

  • Receive load tenders from their smartphone.
  • Communicate via two-way messaging with the fleet.
  • Submit accident, shortage and damage information right from their smartphone.
  • Enhance the image quality of document submissions even more than the standard app.
  • Compress images to reduce data usage when sending messages outside Wi-Fi networks.

­TRANSFLO Mobile+ is available to download for free in the Apple App Store for iPhone users and on Google Play for Android users. If you download the app before Halloween, be sure to mark your calendar for November 1 when Pegasus TransTech will be announcing the 100 lucky Visa gift card winners!

For more information about the ­TRANSFLO Mobile+ contest, please visit the Pegasus TransTech website. Then, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to keep up-to-date on our latest solutions.

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